Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Solar Fans Help Reduce Home Heating Costs!

A lot of people think attic fans are just for reducing heat in an attic in summer...but with our Solar Star attic fans, they work all winter long as well - reducing mold, mildew, fungus, and helping to keep your insulation dry!

This can result in a substantial savings in heating your home. In an age where we are all watching the costs of energy rise, here is a simple, easy, and once installed, FREE quality solution to reduce cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter...and it is whisper quiet! Please click this link to learn more information about our solar fans. Thank you!

Free Light, Free Candy!!!

From now through February 22nd, all purchasers of Solatubes (and Solar Star Attic Fans) will receive a gift certificate for a one pound box of See's Candy at the time of installation! To further sweeten your purchase, there are multiple unit discounts, too. Please call 707-527-5330 for more info! Yummy chocolates, great pricing, and free, beautiful, natural daylight brightening your'll LOVE it!

Did You Know...

Human beings fare much better under natural sunlight than artificial light...the pineal gland (located where some refer to the "third eye") is positively stimulated by natural light, promoting health and a greater sense of well being. Solatubes are a fantastic product to install at this time of year in any home, business, and/or school to offset the "winter blahs." Call us for a free phone estimate at 707-575-7707 and let us brighten your day!