Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Natural light improves the look and feel of the Well Now Showcase in Saint Helena.

How can VELUX SUN TUNNELS transform your commercial showroom? 

Take a look at these before and after photographs of the Well Now Showcase in Saint Helena.

The Well Now Showcase in Saint Helena.
The beautifully remodeled gallery is composed of strong lines and bold colors that seem a little heavy and dark before the natural light is added. The additional sunlight contributes to the clean lines and makes the bold colors pop out.The square diffusers of the VELUX SUN TUNNELS integrate seamlessly into the molded square design of the ceiling.

Just three 22” SUN TUNNELS transform this 1,900-square-foot space.

The natural light makes the colors rich and inviting.
Seamless flashings cleanly installed on the roof.
Located at 1200 Main Street, the St. Helena Hospital’s Well Now Showcase  features an interactive information kiosk and specially trained client service advisers who will educate visitors about programs for knee and hip replacement, weight loss, smoking cessation, diabetes control, heart health, cancer prevention and wellness and addiction recovery.

Residents and tourists from all over the world can learn about the destination health programs only offered in the beautiful Napa Valley at St. Helena Hospital.

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