Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get your home ready for winter.

To "winterize" your tube or traditional skylight:

  • Clear leaves and debris away from your flashings/curbs
  • Wipe your tube dome, skylight glass, or solar panels with a damp cloth to remove any summer dust and optimize your winter light 
If you can't get up on your roof, let us do it for you! 

Naturalight Solar does Service and Maintenance for all brands of traditional and tube skylights, and solar attic fans.
We can also:
  • Clean the leaves and debris away from your flashings
  • Re-seal joints/leak repair
  • Clean domes, diffusers, and skylights (glass and acrylic)
  • Clean solar panels on solar attic fans
  • Make sure attic fan is running correctly (Performance check)
Call to schedule your winter service today: 707-527-5330