Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Subway's Eco-Store Includes Solatubes

Subway has built an "Eco-Store" in an attempt to save energy and help the environment. Lighting played a huge role in the design & construction so in addition to motion-censor lighting in the bathroom and compact fluorescent light bulbs, they utilized Solatubes to daylight the interior. Watch for glimpses of Solatubes being installed throughout this 5-minute video and specifically check out the featured commentary starting at 3:29.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Solatube Adds 148 to Olympic "Metal" Count

Watch Solatubes perform at their best in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There were 148 Solatube 750 Daylighting Systems* included in the design of the Beijing Science & Technology University Gymnasium. With energy efficiency being a design goal for this building, daylighting was a priority over artificial lighting. The facility holds the taekwondo & judo competitions, as well as the Paralympics wheelchair rugby & wheelchair basketball competitions. Watch for glimpses of Solatubes, the tubular daylighting device that takes the gold!

To find out more about the design challenges and vision, read the Solatube case study.

*The 750DS will be available in the United States later this year.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whether 'Tomato' or 'Tomahto,' It's Best Sun-Ripened

This weekend, August 16 & 17, Fairfield celebrates the 17th Annual Tomato Festival & West Coast Barbeque Championship. Tomatoes are beautiful because of abundant sunshine. You and your home can also be beautiful when you bring in daylight with Solatube. See Solatubes in action at D'House of D'Light on Texas Street, while stuffing your face with tomatoes & barbeque, and enjoying local entertainment. For the schedule of events, click here.

Be brighter, cooler AND save money with the Show Special! Call our office after the festival to receive your free estimate for a Solatube or Solar Star, and if you schedule your installation the same day, you'll double your discount. Plus, enter to win $100 off your installation. You, your home, and your tomatoes will look great, all thanks to natural daylight!