Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rebates and tax credits could fund up to 40% of your new Solar Thermal System

Federal Incentives are at their highest level. Now is the time to invest in a Solar Water Heating System from VELUX.

There is a 30% tax credit on the cost:

The CSI Thermal rebate, can cover up to $1,875 of residential system cost:

There is a $750 incentive from the California Energy Commission to replace your old water heater with a solar system:

On average, if you install a solar water heating system, your heating bills should drop 50-80%. Because the sun's energy is free, you're immune to fuel shortages and price hikes.

Solar water heating systems do not produce harmful emissions and every system installed in the U.S. decreases our reliance on toxic fossil fuels.

VELUX solar collectors have been designed to hug the roof-line, creating a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing appearance.