Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Too Hot & Too Dark...VELUX Solar "Fresh Air" Skylight to the Rescue

Is your home hot, stuffy, and dark?
See what a Velux solar "fresh air" skylight can do for you.

Summer days in the living room of this Santa Rosa home were unbearably hot and stuffy. With no way for the heat to escape, it rose to the ceiling and stayed there, overheating the whole room. Also, because of the wood interior, the room was quite dark. The owners decided to install a VELUX solar operable four by two foot "fresh air" skylight to get rid of the heat and brighten things up.

The skylight installation was completed in two days, with a total budget of $4,900. The VELUX solar operable "fresh air" skylight gives them the opportunity for a 30% federal tax credit of $1,470, reducing the net cost of the skylight addition to $3,430.
What was once an over-heated, dimly lit room now has lots of natural light and much better ventilation. 

We love our skylight. It has added much more than just light to our home. We can see the oak tree and feel a bit more of the outside beauty of our home. We LOVE how much hot air it lets out of a previously uncomfortably warm room. The rain sensor works every time, and we don't have to remember to close the skylight if rain is imminent. Thank you for the beautiful workmanship and attention to detail.                                                                                         ~Emily &Bryan