Monday, January 29, 2018

Case Study: Soaring Skylights

This month, Naturalight Solar completed a project on a home in Napa that is under-going a complete remodel. We worked alongside the projects general contractor, Briant Frye of Frye Built Construction.

In this two-story home, we replaced one old plastic bubble skylight with a new VELUX glass 2x4 fixed skylight as well as installing a brand new skylight array in a curb adaptor over the great room where they will bring in lots of wonderful sunlight.

The nature of the project required a crane to lift the huge 8x8 foot curb adaptor into place where Frye had already made the cut-out in the roof. The crane was also used to bring up the four skylights that fit in the curb adaptor and the one replacement skylight.


The homeowner chose two VELUX fixed 4x4 curb mount skylights and two VELUX solar operable Fresh Air 4x4 skylights to go into the curb adaptor, creating a perfect system for natural light and ventilation. With the solar operable skylights at the highest point of the home, they will create a chimney effect when open to draw out stale, warm air and replace it with fresh air.


The homeowner decided on the black metal curb adaptor to match the unusual black metal roof that will be installed later. With the stunning backdrop of the Napa hills, we can’t wait to see photos of the finished home in a few months!



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Clean, Quiet, Safe

When you purchase an operable VELUX skylight, it comes standard with dual pane, laminated glass, which is cleaner, quieter, and safer than ordinary glass.

Cleaner: The Neat® glass uses silicon dioxide to create a smooth surface for water to "sheet off" and evaporate quickly, reducing water spotting. It also uses titanium dioxide, which reacts with the sun's UV rays, causing organic materials on the glass to decompose. Then, with the next rain, the decomposed dirt will be rinsed away.

Quieter: The laminated, dual pane glass reduces unwanted outside noise, making it up to 25% quieter than a standard dual pane glass, and up to 50% quieter than a plastic skylight.

Safer: If laminated safety glass is broken, whether from a large hail stone or a stray golf ball or a fallen tree branch, the glass pieces will be held in the frame and not fall through onto the floor. This protects the people inside the home and prevents water damage, should it rain after the glass is broken.

Upgrade your old skylight today to have the benefits and peace of mind of a VELUX laminated glass skylight.