Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hot water never felt so good...

...especially when it's FREE!

* Use the power of the sun to heat your water and let "Uncle Sam" help pay for your VELUX solar water heating system with a 30% Federal Tax Credit incentive. Go to for more details. For Sonoma county residents, this system also qualifies for the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program (SCEIP)

* With an average 50%-80% drop in water heating bills, installing a VELUX solar water heating system will save you money.

* Because the sun is a free and unlimited resource, you can significantly reduce your "carbon footprint."

* The solar collectors are good looking, with a streamlined flashing system integrated into the roofline. It’s also simple to re-roof when the time comes.

* All VELUX solar water heating systems are installed by trained professionals for a fast and reliable "job well done."

* VELUX is the leader in daylighting and solar energy technologies, with more than 65 years of experience.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Transformed

Is your home like the Temple of Doom,
Full of darkness, foreboding, and gloom?
Are there lots of black cats and vacationing bats,
By the dozens in all of your rooms?

In the day, is it darker than night,
With blackness that gives you a fright?
Do you shake and shiver and quake in your boots,
Until you turn on all the lights?

Have your prayed for some sun every day,
That will chase all your vampires away?
Make your home clean and bright and improve your eye sight,
And cut down on the bill that you pay.

There’s a way for your home to be sunny,
It doesn’t cost very much money.
It fits anywhere, no bother, no mess,
And it’s sweeter than tupelo honey.

Lots of light, the Sun Tunnel’s reflective,
It will accomplish your daylighting objective.
Your home is light now, friends will coo and they’ll “Wow!”
Naturalight has transformed your perspective.

By Marc Durand

Thursday, May 28, 2009

See D'House of D'Light at the Marin Home Show

Come see D'House of D'Light at the Marin Home Show and Jazz Festival this weekend, May 30-31 at the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael. For more information and driving directions, visit their website.

Step inside our sunny yellow trailer to see how daylight can brighten up your home without bringing in the heat. There are skylights inside, both traditional and tubular, so you can see what options are available.

You can also feel how the Solar Star Attic Fan could cool your attic by up to 20 degrees and help make your home more comfortable during the hot summer months.

Naturalight is a Five-Star Dealer for VELUX products, including their solar water heating systems. Call us to find out how you can use the sun to save you money. Ask about our financing options.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Uncle Sam will pay You to use Solar

For the entire 2009 calendar year, "Uncle Sam" is providing a Federal Tax Credit of up to 30% of the total cost of solar powered attic fans and solar water heating systems. And, traditional and tubular skylights will also qualify for up to 30% of the cost of materials through May 31, 2009. The "Residential Energy Property Credit" is an incentive for homeowners to make qualified energy efficient improvements to their home.

Naturalight, Inc. has added solar water heating systems and traditional skylights to their existing product line of tubular skylights and solar attic fans, so call us to find out how the sun can save you money.

Friday, March 6, 2009

1,000 of our Best Friends will go to the Home Show for free. Do you make the cut?

Call by March 13 to get up to four Sonoma County Home Show tickets free. This event will take place March 20-22, at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Kick off spring cleaning by revitalizing your home and yourself with free, nourishing daylight.

With an expanded line of daylighting products, you can find all your skylight needs at D'House of D'Light this year. Now, choose from the full line of VELUX products for light, ventilation and a view--whether from roof windows, operable or fixed skylights. And don't forget tubular skylights for those confined, hard-to-access spaces like closets and hallways, where you just need daylight.

I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Hamburger Today
We've rolled back prices to roll with the times, so daylighting is more budget-friendly than ever. Plus, financing options for up to 12 months are available. You'll love the savings on your energy bill once you're more energy-efficient and earth-friendly, too. With all that extra cash you'll save, you'll feel like you've been given a personal stimulus package.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here's one way to fix your leaky skylight...

Are you tired of needing an umbrella by your living room chair because your skylight is leaking? If your skylight is bothering you, whether it's cracked, draining your home of valuable heat or creating ugly waterstains, get it fixed by your skylight specialists. Naturalight repairs any of these skylight problems:
  • Leaks
  • Cracks
  • Broken
  • Ugly Plastic Bubble
  • Broiling in the Summer
  • Freezing in the Winter
Get your skylight repaired, change it from being fixed to operable, or replace it with the number-one brand in the industry, VELUX. Now with Naturalight, you can get all your daylighting needs in one place:
  • Skylights: Fixed, Operable, Tubular
  • Repair and Replace existing skylights
  • Leak Repairs, including Emergencies
  • Thirty years experience in the industry

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bail-Out Money is Coming Your Way... Ok, Just a Little.

The new year brings new ways to save money. Now Solatube is qualified as an energy improvement option for your home, making you eligible for a federal tax credit of 10% of the material cost, up to $200. For more information and qualifications, download the Frequently Asked Questions sheet.

To receive your tax credit, you will need:
  • To fill out IRS form 5695.
  • The Energy Star/NFRC label attached to the Solatube diffuser OR the DIY kit packaging. (You can also find it on the Solatube website.)
  • The Energy Star Document (included in your Owner Packet, provided by the installer)
  • A copy of the original purchase agreement
All you have to do is take the above information to your accountant when you do your taxes for 2009. This is just another great reason to install Solatubes in your home. You're saving money on energy, your home is brighter and more enjoyable, and the goverment's rewarding you for it.