Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Turn off the Lights!"

Father's Day Special Offer

In honor of all the Fathers who ever said "Turn off the lights!" or "Put on a sweater!", Naturalight Solar presents an energy and money saving offer:

Mention this email between now and June 24th and get $50 of each unit installed (limit 4 discounted units).

This offer applies to any combination of the following Naturalight Solar Products:

  • VELUX SUN TUNNELS: 10", 14" and 14" Flat Glass models
  • SunRise Solar Attic Fans: All Sizes

VELUX SUN TUNNELS allow you to leave your electric lights off during the day without heat coming into your home.

SunRise Solar Fans harness the power of the sun to silently remove hot air from your attic and help keep your home cool without using electricity.

Call Naturalight Solar today to get your Father's Day Discount!