Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Transformed

Is your home like the Temple of Doom,
Full of darkness, foreboding, and gloom?
Are there lots of black cats and vacationing bats,
By the dozens in all of your rooms?

In the day, is it darker than night,
With blackness that gives you a fright?
Do you shake and shiver and quake in your boots,
Until you turn on all the lights?

Have your prayed for some sun every day,
That will chase all your vampires away?
Make your home clean and bright and improve your eye sight,
And cut down on the bill that you pay.

There’s a way for your home to be sunny,
It doesn’t cost very much money.
It fits anywhere, no bother, no mess,
And it’s sweeter than tupelo honey.

Lots of light, the Sun Tunnel’s reflective,
It will accomplish your daylighting objective.
Your home is light now, friends will coo and they’ll “Wow!”
Naturalight has transformed your perspective.

By Marc Durand