Friday, October 3, 2008

Usher in the Season of Light with the Harvest Fair

This weekend, October 3 & 4, the Sonoma County Harvest Fair is coming to the fairgrounds. Look for our indoor booth in the Grace Pavilion to see Solatubes in action. For directions and a schedule of events, click here. As the days get shorter and the sun disappears, your home can still be brighter with natural daylight.

Glow in the Light of the Season
By installing Solatubes now, you won't have to rush to finish home improvements before family comes for the holidays. Imagine how your skin will glow when they greet you and comment on your good health. And how delicious the hearty meal will look under full spectrum sunlight. The family photo might turn out better this year since the colors will look balanced and natural, and it will make you smile when it's no longer framed in a shadowy corner. Even if the day is dark outside, your home will be illuminated with the cheer of natural light and the warmth of loved ones.

Give to Others by Gifting Yourself
With Solatube, you won't have to turn electric lights on during the day anymore, so when it comes time to gift-shop, your pocketbook will have a joyful new jangle. You'll be happier, not just because of the savings, but also because daylight makes you feel better. The wonderful thing about Solatube is that it's designed to bring in the light when you need it most--Not just when the sun's high and strong in the summer, but when it's low in the winter sky, too. Learn how the dome makes this possible by clicking here.

There's no need to live in the dark for yet another winter. If you still have questions, check out the Free Information Package and soon you'll know that Solatube is the bright decision.

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