Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Give your mother the gift of light…a VELUX skylight…and some chocolate too

You’ve been the light of your mother’s life for so long…now you can return the favor. Call us and arrange to have one or more VELUX skylights or SUN TUNNELS installed in your mother’s dark rooms and you will receive a special Mother’s Day discount on each skylight. You will also receive a gift certificate for one pound of See’s Candies that you can give to Mom (you will give it to her, won’t you?)

$50 discount off the cost of each VELUX SUN TUNNEL you have installed;
$75 discount off the cost of replacing each old worn out bubble skylight with a VELUX Energy Star certified skylight (you can make it operable for ventilation and add interior blinds for total control of the light);
$300 discount off of the cost of installing a brand new VELUX skylight in mom’s home (make it one of those electric ones with a cool remote control).

All you have to do is call us or go to www.naturalight.org and fill out the “I want a free estimate” form. Along with the skylights, mom will receive a See’s Candies gift certificate she can use to select her favorite.

P.S. Mom, you can call and arrange to get your own skylight installed and just tell your children to pay the bill.

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