Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are you baking under the skylights in your home?

Is your air conditioning system laboring hard trying to keep your place bearable? There is a fast, easy, and affordable way to stop that excess summer skylight heat.

VELUX skylight blinds will help you control the light and heat from your skylights. The Opaque Roller Blinds let you enjoy natural light without the glare and the Blackout blinds give you total blackout plus optimal heat protection. The stylish Venetian Blinds allow you to control the light with style and comfort. Even if your skylight is a different brand, VELUX skylight blinds will fit into most standard sized skylights. Blinds come in manual, electric and solar powered styles.

VELUX Solar Blinds with remote control– available in roller blind and blackout blind – qualify for the 30% federal tax credit of the cost of the materials and installation. No need for any electrical hookup. These blinds have a built-in battery and photovoltaic panel to provide all of the power to operate them.

Already own a VELUX Skylight without blinds? Add VELUX blinds and make your skylights even more energy efficient. Control the light, stop excess summer heat, and also reduce winter and night time heat loss.

Save yourself from the heat this summer. Imagine yourself in total control of your light and comfort. Call today and get information and an estimate for your VELUX blinds.


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