Thursday, August 5, 2010

Natural light improves your life

Are you falling asleep on the job?

Lack of sunlight in the workplace is a misdemeanor.

The more you miss, the meaner you get.

Several independent studies have shown that the lack of natural light can lead to drowsiness, poor health, bad attitude, and low productivity.

  • Schools that make use of skylights and tubular skylights see better concentration and improved test scores.
  • Natural lighting in stores produces higher profits and more pleasant employee/customer relations.
  • Customers are more relaxed in day-lit stores and can see the products and labels clearly.
  • Customers seem to have positive feelings about the day-lit stores and identify those stores with an airy clean feeling.
  • A store with skylights is observed to have a higher sales index than an equivalent store without natural light.
  • Skylights increase productivity in manufacturing buildings and morale in office buildings.

There is a definite relationship between day-lighting and human performance and there additional benefits to natural lighting as well:

  • Lowers your power bills by reducing electricity used to illuminate the room
  • Brings less heat into interior spaces unlike electric lights
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Increase your daylight delight.

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