Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New blackout shades for the SUN TUNNEL

Do you want bright, natural light in your living room but worry about the glare when you settle down to watch an early movie?

Do you want a tube skylight in your bedroom but worry that you can’t “shut off” the natural light when you want to sleep late in the morning?

Now you can add lovely, natural light without the worry. Starting this week, VELUX introduces the blackout shade. This easy to install, cost effective shade significantly reduces the amount of light coming through the 10” and 14” SUN TUNNEL.

VELUX also makes opaque and blackout blinds for traditional skylights. Available in electric operated and solar powered. Call today to get a free quote.


Solar shades said...

Blackout blinds are a good substitute to solar shades,whose advantages are discussed here.

Solar shades said...

A unique product that proved more effective.