Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tips for choosing a roofing company

Thinking about re-roofing this year?

A roof is a large investment so you want it done right. Here are some helpful tips about the roofing process…

How do you choose a roofer?

·       Ask your friends for referrals. Look online for manufacturer referrals. Ask to speak to past customers.

·       Call for an estimate. Most contractors will give you a free estimate. Ask your roofing contractor if they have liability insurance and worker’s comp, and any required licenses in your area.

·       Get a detailed estimate in writing. Ask for proof of insurance and licenses.

·       Look at more than the price. Your estimates should be around the same price. If one contractor is much higher or much lower go ahead and ask them why. It is almost never a good idea to go with one bid that’s amazingly lower than anyone else. Look at the quality of materials, and the size of the company. Some large companies can offer lower bids because of the sheer volume of roofs they do each year. Some smaller companies may be more expensive, but have better customer service.

·       Who has the better guarantee? Who has more experience with this type of roof? Who took the time to get back to your promptly and answer all your questions?

Another aspect to consider is what you have on your roof:

Do you have old skylights that need to be replaced?

The best time to replace your skylights is during the roofing process.

·       *Your new roof is good for 25-35 years. Your old skylights are already worn out, your new skylights will have a similar life span as your new roof

·       *You get a brand new warranty and are assured your whole assembly, roof, skylight, flashing, will stay water proof and working for decades.

·       *Since people are already up on the roof you it makes replacing skylights a faster and less expensive job so you can get better price on the labor than installing later
·       *Everything on your roof gets done in one shot, and is integrated together correctly

·      *Everything is one company’s responsibility, roof, gutters, flashings, and skylights

FYI: Some roofing materials qualify for tax rebates because of their energy efficiency. For more details go to: 

Naturalight Solar, Inc. works with roofers to supply materials or subcontract as their skylight installers. We are a VELUX 5 Star Dealer. Tell us who your roofing company is and we will coordinate the installation from there. Call us for a free estimate today: 707-527-5330

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