Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Enjoy Laundry Day with Natural Light

If you’ve matched socks or sorted colored clothes in low light you know that an important consideration for laundry rooms is a mix of artificial and natural light, and lots of it. 

According to Joe Patrick, senior product manager for VELUX
America, providing as much natural light as possible is critical. “Since many times these spaces are located in windowless interior areas of the home where artificial light is the norm, adding abundant natural light with skylights makes a much more pleasant and effective work area.”

 Patrick points out that venting skylights not only flood the area with helpful natural light but provide significant air exchange too – an important consideration in laundry areas where heat and humidity can be equal to or above that found in kitchens. “Venting electric skylights can be operated by remote control,” Patrick says, “and even have sensors that will close them if it starts to rain.” More economical manually operated venting skylights are also available.

 If a traditional skylight isn’t necessary or won’t fit in a smaller area, natural light from above can still be admitted effectively and economically with a tubular product like VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylights. “They are easily installed and are very efficient at lighting interior spaces, and, in many cases, they are less expensive than traditional skylights,” Patrick says.

For assistance in choosing the right skylight products to bring additional natural light and ventilation into your home, contact Naturalight Solar, Inc at 707-527-5330

Naturalight Solar, Inc. is a VELUX Skylight Specialist providing evaluations and assistance in choosing the right skylight products to bring additional natural light and ventilation into homes. We provide homeowners one-stop convenience and guaranteed installation services for top-of-the-line traditional fixed and venting skylights, tubular skylights, and energy efficient glass replacement units for existing plastic bubble skylights.

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