Monday, March 20, 2017

Get the Sunshine without the Allergies

Spring has arrived!

It's been a tough winter, with flooding, mudslides, hail, thunderstorms, and just plain cold, dark, dreary days. We are much better for the rain, but now spring is in the air, bringing with it a certain sweet aroma that lifts the spirit.

Step outside and breathe it in!

Unless you have terrible spring allergies, then please, stay inside and save yourself the itchy, sneezing agony. But don't give up the warm spring rays of sunshine; bring that light inside! With a VELUX SUN TUNNEL Skylight.

Installation is a breeze; in just two hours you could be sitting in your very own ray of sunshine. 

Want to know more about VELUX SUN TUNNEL Skylights?  Visit our blog post: What are SUN TUNNEL Skylights.
Want an estimate for installation? Submit an estimate request.

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