Monday, March 12, 2018

Measuring for a Replacement Curb Mount Skylight

        Are you planning your spring home improvement projects? Thinking about replacing that old, inefficient skylight? If you’re old skylight is a curb mount, then it is important to know the correct dimensions for ordering the replacement skylight so that it will fit the existing curb. 

        When ordering or describing a skylight, the measurements are always expressed as width (dimension horizontally across the roof) x length (dimension vertically up the roof).

        When measuring, you want to get the Outside Curb Dimension. This is the overall outside dimension (OD) of the finished, built-up curb. Skylights are then sized slightly larger than the OD of the curb in order to fit over the necessary roofing materials and sheet metal flashing, covering the whole like a box cover. 

If you’re not comfortable getting on your roof to take measurements, 
give our office a call at 707-527-5330 to schedule a site visit. 

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