Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No form of artificial lighting can match the wonders of natural sunlight…

Does being inside leave you feeling tired?

Most artificial light sources give off a radiance which is biased to a particular color range in the spectrum.  This means it is not giving off balanced vibrations and being in a room that is constantly lit by such a light can cause energy imbalances in our system. This can result in problems such as headaches, eye-strain, loss of energy, nausea

Incandescent bulbs which are ordinary household bulbs give off more red light than normal daylight. This is why these lamps appear yellow.

Fluorescent bulbs give off ultraviolet and blue light. These lights send out pulsing vibrations. Old lights may start to hum and flicker. They interfere with our own vibrations setting up a resonance within us and can make us hyperactive and irritable.

Fluorescent strip lights can also adversely affect your eye sight, and people who work under these lights can suffer from sore eyes. The blue coloring can make you feel cold, and all the colors in the room will have a blue tint. The newer generations of compact fluorescents are more efficient and longer lasting.

Tungsten-halogen lamps give a bright white light close to daylight in quality. These are powerful lights and good for general illumination. These blubs have an extremely long life and are more energy efficient.

Full spectrum lamps more closely resemble balance of spectral light found in daylight. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has now been identified as one of the main causes of many sleep and emotional problems. Depressive symptoms can be significantly improved within the first two to four days when a person is exposed to full spectrum lighting.

Natural light from windows and skylights in the home and or work place reduces eye strain and boosts productivity and mood.

(Adapted from The Healing Home, by Suzy Chiazzari)

Help alleviate your symptoms by using natural light whenever possible.

You can use VELUX products to bring natural light into your home:

Install VELUX SUN TUNNELS in rooms that have no or limited natural light
and see the dramatic difference:

VELUX Skylights and SUN TUNNELS provide the full spectrum of light:

Sometimes when we install tube skylight in a very dark room, people tell us at first that the light is too blue. What they are actually experiencing is the full spectrum of light, without the yellow tint of an incandescent bulb.

The full spectrum light from a VELUX Skylight:

Delivers a balanced spectrum of light to your skin and eyes
Makes you healthier and happier
Makes colors in your home decor look brighter, without fading your possessions

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