Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Light is not only essential to our body, but feeds and uplifts our spirits

Light is the purest healing force in the universe.

Plenty of full spectrum light each day equals good health and lots of energy. Light and air are primary sources of vital energy and create a strong immune system.

We need a balance of all the spectrum colors and we pick them up through our eyes and skin. Most of us spend ninety percent of our life indoors. Ideally, you should be exposed to 30 minutes of full spectrum light every day.

If we are in an environment which offers little opportunity for natural light and air, we operate at half our premium level. Our brain may be dull and fuzzy, we may have poor memory, or find it hard to think clearly or make decisions. 

Emotionally we feel drained and depressed without knowing why. Physically we may suffer from fatigue and recurrent viral or bacterial infections. Natural light also influences our pituitary gland and pineal gland, which control and normalize the release of hormones into the body which are closely linked with mood and emotions.

Our home or office environment can greatly influence our ability to absorb vital energy into our system and so directly affect our well-being and quality of life. It is essential we pay attention to the light and air in our home if we are to improve our health and lifestyle.

(Adapted from The Healing Home by Suzy Chiazzari)

How you can get full spectrum light into your home or office:

If you have rooms with few or no windows, skylights are a great way to get air and light into your home. Skylights offer you a view of the sky and privacy from your neighbors. VELUX Manual or Electric Operable Skylights allow you to let in fresh air as well as full spectrum light.

VELUX SUN TUNNEL Skylights let in the full color spectrum of sunlight without the heat transfer. They are more affordable and easier to install than traditional skylights.

VELUX brand traditional and tubular skylights let in full spectrum sunlight but not the UV rays, protecting your possessions, walls, and floor from fading.

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Carol Peterson said...

Acne lights are actually blue LED light, and devices provide this blue light color effectively, safely and painlessly. Red light is also used, considered the most important light therapy treatment for skin care since it can be used for more than just acne such as aging, dry skin, and other skin disorders.

Naturalight Solar, Inc. said...

Yes. There is a wonderful section of her book that talks about using different colors of light to create moods, and or heal your mind and body.